Monday, October 25, 2010

10/25/10 Workout

Took a little break from Insanity, getting really tired of the same routines.
Stretch + Warmup

Sprint 1
Run 2
Walk 1
Spring 1
Run 2
Walk 1
Spring 1
Run 2
Walk 1
Spring 1
Run 2
Walk 1


10/21-23/10 Workout

More like lack of a workout. School and other stuff kept me busy, but who wants excuses.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Day 15 of Insanity.

Double header today. Cardio workout + ab workout. Easy day!


Day 14 of Insanity.
Pretty good day. Im starting to get very tired of the routines though.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Day 13 of Insanity.

Fit test today. Recovery between exercises was easier, but still pushed my limits on each.

Switch Kicks +5
Power Jacks  +8
Power Knees  +13
Power Jumps  +11
Globe Jumps +1
Suicide Jumps -2
Pushup Jacks +5
Low Plank Obliques +5


Thursday - Rest day.
Friday - Drove down to Ft. Hood for MOUT site walk, briefing, and registration.
Saturday - Ran scenarios throughout the day, ended when the sun went down.
Sunday - Scenarios until noon, followed by debrief and drive back to Arlington.

Very good exercise. Lots of sprinting from building to building, up stairs etc... Didnt run my armor rig, but chest rig and ruck got heavier throughout the day lol.

10/13/10 Workout

Day 9 of Insanity. Recovery is becoming a lot easier, but still pushing the my limits.